Lead Data Enrichment

A tonne of information about your leads is hidden in plain sight. Deducely enables your team to leverage this information so that they can get in-sync with your potential customers

Predictive Lead Scoring

Conventional lead scoring is boring! combining the data available about your new leads and historic leads with Artificial Intelligence helps you look into the future and identify winning leads.

Get deeper insights on your Leads

Company Name

Founded Year
Employee Count
Adsense Budget
Press Coverage
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Look into the future

Predictive Lead Scoring enables you to identify your winning leads by combining extensive information about your leads with Artificial Intelligence.

We scour the world wide web for hundreds of data signals on your leads, like their employee count, open job postings, paid software usage, online advertising budget, press coverage etc..

We feed this data into our predictive engine that uses AI tech like Machine Learning to forecast which of your leads would convert.

Gold leads have a high likelyhood of converting, follow up, nurture and engage.

Silver leads need more push to get converted, give them a coupon maybe?

Bronze leads are highly unlikely to convert, do not pursue these rigorously.

Fits seamlessly into your workflow

We also hate it when new tools are added to workflows. However we play nice with all your existing tools like your CRM, marketing automation software, Helpdesk etc. Our data and predictions live right inside the tools that you are already familiar with. Embrace the zero learning curve!

Suitable for teams of any scale

You may be a publicly listed juggernaut, a nimble startup or anything in between, we've got you covered. we do not mandate you to have X number of leads before implementation.

No Coding Required!

We believe that good software should not force the end-user to wrangle with code. Let the #includes, terminals and servers rest with the techies. However if you need API access to integrate Deducely in your app, we've got your back too!