Get a list of websites using MailChimp, Optimizely, Magento, Wordpress, Intercom, Segment, Salesforce
We track millions of websites and thousands of technologies that power them.
Lead Lists
Get a list of Orgs based on Technologies, Geography and Traffic rank.
Use our API to fetch technologies behind websites and integrate the data in your apps.
Datasets for ML
We feed your hungry machine learning algorithms with quality data dumps.
Get insights on your inbound leads
Find out the Technology Stack used by your B2B customers. Say Goodbye to guess work and grunt work !
Attract the right customers
Discover which B2B customers to target based on the software used by them. Filter out the most warm leads.
Data scientists and Marketers Love Us
Data is the new Oil, It is crucial for Machine Learning and Marketing. Your search for B2B technology Datasets ends right here.
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